Technical and Architectural Management


For a few owners' association and commercial owners my work consists of the technical or architectural management of their buildings.

Pavilion Johan Cruijff Boulevard


In front of the Amsterdam ArenA at the Johan Cruijff Boulevard a new pavilion has arisen that was designed in collaboration with September Architectuur. It houses a two floor restaurant and two fast food outlets at the 'corners' of the zigzag oval building.

Photos courtesy of September Architectuur

41sq. meter Apartment


This small apartment in Amsterdam of 41 sq. meter in a building from 1896 underwent a total renovation with a with new shower and kitchen.

The house has been completely reinstalled and has underfloor heating throughout the whole house, which now makes it a house with a very low energy demand for two people.

Apartment in Old Fashion School


We worked in collaboration with Studio Appelo on the design and realisation of this spacious apartment, created with Cross Laminated Timber.

With the CLT we created at one side private spaces, a bathroom and working space and the other side is still the same height as the old classroom.

Photos courtesy of Studio Appelo

Doctors Without Borders


In collaboration with Studio I provided construction management, contract administration and quality assurance for the head office of Doctors Without Borders in Amsterdam.

Keyword of the renovation was ‘modest’, given the organisation’s aim: projects in the fieldand to highlight the social character of the organisation.

Urban Villa


For the project Urban Villa Cascade Almere by CROSS Architecture the task in hand was to cooperate in the building permit phase.

This housing project consists of small villas up to 125sqm with private central patios which open up to the green surroundings, public park spaces and adjacent waterways.

Photos courtesy of CROSS Architecture

Black Box Operations


For the former building owner of the ZIGGO Dome I worked on building management.

The task was to keep the building in tip-top condition and to plan big maintenance work as needed without compromising the ZIGGO Dome's programme, in collaboration with the operator.

Photos courtesy of Stichting Amsterdam Music Dome

421 Chair v2


You can't sit on stacked chair.

When you stack a chair, you can't sit on it.

You can't sit on stacked chair, which is not ideal for small housed people. The 421 Chair is an ideal option to give your guests an extra chair when needed and not take up extra space when everybody has left.

This project started in 2009 when I started living in a small apartment in Amsterdam and is the second iteration of that idea, more is coming.

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In collaboration with Studio Appelo, we created multiple creative and adaptable lab spaces for Avantium.

The big sliding door makes the space ideal for presentations, as the glass is fitted with privacy film and sound insulation.

Photos courtesy of Studio Appelo

Crooced Bar


This small bar has you standing in your tracks. If this is the start of what is coming, then keep your head up.

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Monumental Villas


For Osiris Hertman Studio, among others, I worked on total renovations of national monumental buildings throughout the Netherlands.

My task included historic building research for approval of the building permits including drawings and reports for renovation, construction management, as well as contract administration and quality assurance.

Photos courtesy of Osiris Hertman Studio

SMB Table


This anatomic table let you use a table in more ways than one and comes in handy for small housed people.

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Private Jet Interior


Together with SchöninghWulffraat, a private jet interior and yachts design studio, I worked on a private jet interior.

The renders are not from the actual plane but from an unbuilt design due to the privacy agreement within this project.

Renders courtesy of SchöningWulffraat

Voormalig Stadstimmertuin


The old City Printing Office at the Voormalig Stadstimmertuin in Amsterdam underwent a major renovation to render it a suitable and flexible workspace for the municipality.

The project was designed and developed in cooperation with Studio, resulting in a new public meeting place for citizens and officials of the city of Amsterdam.

Utrecht Central Station


For Benthem Crouwel Architects I worked as a project manager and designer, among other projects, on the public transport hub Utrecht Central Station, which involved the complex task of building above the still operating railways.

My main task was designing the lens-shaped platform canopies and staircases that lead to the platforms.

Photos courtesy of Benthem Crouwel Architects


Through his years of experience in design, construction and project management, Paul van Ginkel is a connecting factor between project owner, design, engineering and construction. Both as a consultant or design manager to lead the design team or as operational manager in the construction phase.

Paul uses his love for detail to set out the big picture in order to create a project that the end user will enjoy for years to come.


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